Automata Server Workflow Integration With Other Applications

The workflow system in Automata Server is open and flexible, so it's easy to add scripts and apps from other places to your image processing workflows. By adding tasks before or after the workflow, you can make it work better.

Use custom file formats

To use custom file formats with Automata Pro, implement a pre-process command. Create a script or command line application that reads the custom format (such as XML) and saves the image as JPEG, BMP, or TIFF.

Automata will execute the pre-process command and read the image file processed by your custom script or application. The image file will then be processed as usual within the Automata workflow.

Add Pre-Process command tool to your workflow

You can select with Input file filtering setting that Automata only reads certain file extension.

Add Filter input files - File extension contains text tool to your workflow.

Use third-party scripts

Using the Pre-Process tool, you can execute a specified program or batch/script file for each file within the input folder prior to Automata processing the file.

All files are input parameters for the Pre-Process command. Using the Pre-Process command, you can import files that Automata does not support.

The preprocessing command may be a Windows executable (.exe), a Windows batch file (.bat), or a PowerShell script (.ps1).

Add Pre-Process command tool to your workflow

Chain multiple workflows to work together

Multiple workflows can be applied to the same input or output folders, giving you greater control over the picture editing process.

Multiple processes can be chained together, with the output of one workflow serving as the input for the next. This enables the construction of more sophisticated and efficient workflows with less manual labor.

Integrate with other systems

Add custom scripts and apps to your workflows to make them more efficient.

Here are some things you can do with the scripting features of Automata:

  • Use Automata for web services and the power of REST-API to make image processing workflows that are both efficient and scalable.
  • Extend Automata to work with custom image formats, process images in different formats, and create highly customized workflows that meet your unique image processing needs.
  • With Automata Server, you can use your own image processing algorithms and easily add ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick scripts and other custom algorithms to your image processing workflows.

Add Pre-Process or Post-process command tool to your workflow

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