Batch Image Enhancements With Automata Server

Automata Server has a full set of tools for editing photos in batches to improve their quality. The automatic color correction tools make images clearer by adjusting contrast, shadows, and exposure. Sharpening techniques like unsharp masking help define edges.

The noise reduction tool works well to get rid of noise and spots, especially in images with low light or a high ISO. Add these powerful tools to your workflow to make things clearer and more detailed.

Batch clarify photos

Automata Pro's automatic color correction tools will clarify photos automatically.  Automata fixes contrast, shadows and exposure problems from photos.

Add Automatic color correction tool to your workflow.

Batch sharpening

Automatic sharpening in Automata is a procedure that enhances the edges and curves of objects in an image to improve overall sharpness.

The filter recognizes and sharpens the edges and curves of objects in the image. This can improve overall image clarity and detail by making things appear more defined and crisp.

Add Automatic sharpening tool to your workflow.

Batch un-sharp masking

To sharpen photos, Automata Pro also includes a conventional unsharp masking tool.

Unsharp masking is a digital image processing technique that is used to sharpen a picture by increasing the contrast between edge pixels. This is accomplished by creating a blurry replica of the original image, subtracting it from the original to create a high-pass filtered image, then combining the high-pass filtered image with the original to create a sharper image.

Add Un-sharp masking tool to your workflow.

Batch noise removing

The Automata Pro automatic noise reduction tool is a powerful digital filter that effectively removes noise from photos while also reducing speckles inside the image. This program employs a number of powerful algorithms to detect and remove noise, resulting in a smoother and cleaner image. The filter analyzes each pixel in the image and its nearby pixels, then removes any pixels that differ considerably from their neighbors.

The tool is especially useful for photographs taken in low-light conditions or at high ISO settings, which can result in substantial noise and grain.

Add noise removing tool to your workflow.

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