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By: Mark Snyder, Dana Cardwell, Dana Bostick and Peter Royle.

Neat Net Tricks - Deep analysis and testing of PhotoEQ by four reviewers

"No program is perfect, but this program does one thing, does it simply, consistently, and exceptionally well." - Mark Snyder

"Considering the small price tag on this program, the many features it has, and the ease of use, PhotoEQ would be great program for the average user with occasional image editing needs" - Dana Cardwell

"This new application looks like it will replace two or more applications that I currently use to do my photo editing. By using the custom profile feature, I can both optimize the pictures to correct for bad lighting or other defects and resize the batch in one operation. This has proven to be a real time saver since I previously have used two different programs to do this." -Dana Bostick

"PhotoEQ does a good job of providing us with some basic tools that can rescue some of our less successful efforts, and spruce up some of our better efforts." - Peter Royle

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By: Lisa Cekan.

PCWorld - SoftColor PhotoEQ Fixes Photo Problems

"It does a good job of combining an extremely easy interface with the most helpful tools for fixing common problems and providing just enough flexibility for users to make their own fixes."

"The interface is what makes PhotoEQ appealing. It's small and compact, and vendor SoftColor has done an excellent job of putting the basic image editing tools that users need right in their hands." logo

By: Ian Burley.

Digital Photography Now - First look review: SoftColor PhotoEQ image enhancement

"I'm quite impressed with SoftColor PhotoEQ. I don't think it's the utopian one-click-and-that's-all-you-need fix, but it's quite clear that this one-click process works harder than the others I have demonstrated here. It should help speed up your work when dealing with tricky originals, and that's a valuable thing to have."

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By: Spencer Scott. - Review PhotoEQ

"I edited several images from various camera in PhotoEQ, and most of the results of editing and correction came out quite well. If you are not happy with the automated results, then experimenting with the sliders is the way to go to achieve the result you are looking for."

"This is a fantastic choice for people who don't want to spend hours in an expensive photo editing app, and want to fix their images so they can share them with friends and family."

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By: Condrut Nistor.

Download3000 - SoftColor PhotoEQ 1.0 Review

"Awesome. Great. Finally, some fresh air! I love the way SoftColor PhotoEQ looks and feels – even its documentation looks outstanding! I love this tiny program."

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By: Nick Peers.

Download Crew - Make image processing and color correction a quick, easy and painless process

"Everything is as easy as can be, and the program handles multiple images either by queuing them up so you can edit each in turn, or you can perform batch editing and correction on all of the images in one go."

"Impressive tool for those in a hurry or who have no desire to familiarize themselves with advanced image-editing techniques, but the price tag is a bit high seeing as its feature set is quite limited." logo

By: Mohkim Khan.

ArcticStartup - PhotoEQ Makes Digital Image Improvement Easy For Windows Users

"As a user, I am looking forward to have my tasks eased but at the same time I require mobility. Meaning I should be able to have support for multiple formats, images that can be re-edited on any other platform and I am not confined to using one software for all things. PhotoEQ keeps that in mind with support for multiple file formats and compatibility with other softwares for editing like Adobe Photoshop and Indesign workflows. Seconding that, the team has done an impressive job with keeping the interface graphical, which is easy to use and beginners aren't intimidated by the though of learning shortcuts, memorizing menus, etc. Its all neatly placed in a pleasant window."

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By: Nick Peers.

PhotoEQ is designed for the average person who wants to be able to quickly fix problematic photos without having to spend too much time on the job.

Impressive tool for those in a hurry or who have no desire to familiarize themselves with advanced image-editing techniques.

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