Perfect Color Correction Tool 

PhotoEQ is a professional photo editing software for color correction, image editing, and color management tasks automation.

You can easily enhance all kinds of photos to a beautiful look and feel. PhotoEQ has a simple but powerful photo editing workflow, and you can batch process photos.

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Why PhotoEQ is the perfect color correction tool?

Professional color and tone corrections automatically
You can easily tune color correction for your needs and taste
Easy to use tools for photo enhancement and color management
Batch process color correction and image editing tasks
Professional color management tools built-in (RGB, CMYK, Grayscale)
Work with any digital image and camera RAW-formats

Perfect color and tone correction automation


  • Luminance balancing
  • Find dark and light colors
  • Avoid clipping automatically

White balance

  • Remove color cast
  • Average balancing
  • Natural color temperature correction

Shadows and highlights

  • Rich dynamics enhancer
  • Shadows and highlights correction
  • Shadows style adjustments


  • Customize white balance
  • Uniform style for batch processing
  • Natural color balance adjustments

Boost colors

  • Color boost
  • Saturation enhancer
  • Natural saturation adjustments

Tone corrections

  • Exposure enhancer
  • Brightness
  • Non-linear contrast enhancer

Photo editing automation benefits with PhotoEQ

  • Professional but easy to use software
  • Perfect photos automatically
  • Professional image processing automation
  • Layer based color correction and image processing
  • Color management, work with RBG, CMYK, or Grayscale
  • Boost your Photoshop® workflows
  • ToDo list and batch processing workflow
  • Work and convert with digital Image and RAW formats


"No program is perfect, but this program does one thing, does it simply, consistently, and exceptionally well."

Mark Snyder

"This is a fantastic choice for people who don't want to spend hours in an expensive photo editing app, and want to fix their images so they can share them with friends and family."

Spencer Scott

"Awesome. Great. Finally, some fresh air! I love the way SoftColor PhotoEQ looks and feels – even its documentation looks outstanding! I love this tiny program."

Condrut Nistor

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