Welcome to Automata Server

Welcome to the user guide for Automata Server, enterprise-grade photo editing automation software designed to optimize your daily color correction, image editing, and color management tasks.

Automata Server is a powerful program that lets you build professional-level photo workflows on your Windows computers. This lets you automate your daily tasks and save time that you would have spent editing photos by hand. With its hot-folder workflows, it's easy to set up rules that will automatically process images when they are added to a certain folder.

"Automata Server"

As enterprise-class photo editing automation software, Automata Server offers a comprehensive set of tools to help professionals across a variety of fields swiftly and easily produce high-quality work. Whether you work in photography, information technology, software development, the printing industry, newspaper editing, or marketing, our software is designed to cater to your unique needs and streamline your photo workflows.

Thank you for selecting Automata Server as your photo editing automation solution. We trust that this user guide will provide you with the necessary insights to optimize your use of this sophisticated software.