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What is Automata Server?

Automata Server is an enterprise-class photo editing automation software. With Automata Server you can build professional photo workflows on your Windows computers. You can automate your daily color correction, image editing, and color management tasks. Automata Server uses hot-folder workflows for image editing automation.

"Automata Server"

What you can do with Automata Server?

  • Automatic enhancement and editing for thousands of photos

  • Professional quality color and tone corrections

  • Color grading automation for digital images

  • You have full control all color and tone correction settings and parameters

  • Professional color management workflows (for example RGB to CMYK or grayscale)

  • Work with digital image and camera RAW formats

  • Edit and enhance photos inside PDFs

  • You can extend Automata workflows with own scripts or 3rd party applications

  • You can create unlimited workflows

  • Connect Automata workflows working together

How photo editing and enhancement automation works?

Automata Server uses hot folder workflows for all image editing operations. What is a hot folder? It is a file system directory which Automata Server monitors so that any new digital image files arriving in it. Then Automata Server will process those new or changes images.

"Automata Server"

For each Automata Server workflow, you select one folder for input and output. Automata Server read all digital images from the input folder and it process new and changed files. Automata Server saves processed photos to the workflow's output folder. You connect many Automata workflows to working together. For example, you can use one workflow output folder as input folder for the second workflow. All Automata workflows run as own process on the background. Automata Server has full parallel processing support.

Photo editing tools inside Automata Server

Automata Server has tools for photo enhancement, editing and color management. You can also use Automata Server as file logistics tool for your photo workflows. With Automata's photo enhancement tools it is easy and fast to fix many color and tone problems. All Automata image editing tools are layer based. You can use all editing, enhancement and color management tools together.


Color and tone correction

Automata Server’s color and tone correction automation is based our in-house developed SoftColor Engine. It is layer based color correction technology which fixes white balance, exposure, contrast, color temperature and dynamics problems from digital images automatically. You have full control to fine tune and set up color correction automation settings.


  • Natural color temperature correction
  • Exposure and contrast correction
  • Rich dynamics enhancement
  • Luminosity enhancement
  • Automatic white balance correction
  • Automatic shadows color and tone correction
  • Automatic highlights color and tone correction
  • Black/dark colors clipping
  • White/light colors clipping
  • Selective color corrections (skin tones, greens, blues)
  • Curves tool, support Adobe Photoshop curves-files
  • Manual adjustments for color temperature, expose and contrast

Color management


  • Convert to profile (RGB / CMYK / grayscale )
  • Assign profile

Image editing


  • Resize / resample resolution
  • Cropping automation
  • Automatic smart sharpening
  • Unsharp Masking
  • Noise removing
  • Black&White conversion tools

File logistics


  • Input file filtering (filename / type)
  • File operations (copy/move/delete) for original and processed files
  • File operations for input and output folders
  • Pre/post-processing command for 3rd party scripts and tools