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Add License Key How to Add License Key to Trial PhotoEQ Version

PhotoEQ 10 day trial

After installing PhotoEQ starts in 10 days fully working trial mode. After 10 days trial PhotoEQ software will be locked and "Buy PhotoEQ" window is shown when you start the application. To continue working with PhotoEQ software you need to buy a license key.

You can activate PhotoEQ trial version by buying license and add license key to your copy. License can be purchased from our online store and it will be delivered immediately via email as soon as your payment is completed. You can purchase license key and license your PhotoEQ by clicking "Buy Now" badge.

How to Buy PhotoEQ License Key

Buy PhotoEQ

You can easily buy license code online by clicking "BUY NOW" button. Our secure store page will open to your default web browser.

The easiest way to add your license key is to simply copy it from your e-mail and paste it into the license key section. After adding license key just click "ADD LICENSE" button to license your PhotoEQ copy.

After valid license key is added. This message is shown

PhotoEQ is licensed window

You can remove PhotoEQ license key from current computer by clicking "REMOVE LICENSE KEY" button. After removing license key from one computer you can transfer license key to another computer. You can learn more SoftColor's software licensing SoftColor Store - License Key Information