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Automatic color and tone correction

Automatic color correction fixes color balance, exposure, and contrast problems automatically in a single step. Automatic color correction uses separate layers for white balance, exposure, and contrast adjustments. Layer based solution gives you the freedom to tune all color correction adjustments as you want. If you don't use automatic correction, you can still manually adjust white balance, exposure, contrast, and correction intensity settings.

"Automatic color correction"

How to tune automatic color and tone correction

If you are not satisfied with Automata's automatic color correction results, you can easily tune results by adjusting the "Intensity" value 0-100%. This value changes how much pixel color of the edited image is mixed with the original image. You can also increase or decrease exposure and contrast values for automatic correction.

If you want to adjust white balance, you can use color grading, colorEQ, or curves. Adjust color correction intensity.

The intensity value adjusts how pixel color values of color-corrected images are mixed with the original image. Intensity is the easiest way to tune automatic color correction results.