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Key features

Hot-folder workflows for batch editing automation

  • Unlimited workflows
  • Connect many workflows working together
  • Work with any digital image and camera-raw formats
  • Full parallel processing support
  • Each workflow runs as own process on the background
  • Hot-folder processing supports sub-folders


PDF processing

  • Automata Pro enhancements, edits and color management each image inside PDF files

  • Convert PDFs to raster images


File logistics and filtering

  • Filter input images by image type (CMYK / grayscale)

  • Filter by filename, file format, and path

  • File operations; copy, move, delete

  • File operations for input and output folders


Log-files for processing details

  • Automata Pro saves all processing details to log-files

  • File count, processed files, skipped files, errors

  • Processing time

  • Problem details


Open workflows for 3rd party scripts and applications

  • Add pre or post-processing commands to workflows

  • Windows batch-files, PowerShell scripts

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Automatic color and tone correction

  • Natural color temperature correction

  • Exposure and contrast correction

  • Rich dynamics enhancement

  • Luminosity enhancement

  • Automatic white balance correction

  • Automatic shadows color and tone correction

  • Automatic highlights color and tone correction

  • Black/dark colors clipping

  • White/light colors clipping

  • Selective color corrections (skin tones, greens, blues)
  • Curves tool, support Adobe Photoshop curves-files


Manual color tools

  • Curves tool, support Adobe Photoshop curves-files
  • Color temperature, natural color temperature adjustments with ColorEQ
  • Expose
  • Contrast
  • Black&white conversion tool


Color management tools

  • Convert to profile
  • Assign profile
  • Color management uses 32 bits precision for processing and support v4 and v2 profiles
  • Support for RGB, CMYK and grayscale profiles
  • Rendering intents:
  • Perceptual
  • Relative colorimetric
  • Absolute colorimetric
  • Saturation
  • Black point compensation
  • Black ink/plane optimizations


Image editing tools

  • Resize / resample resolution
  • Cropping automation
  • Automatic smart sharpening
  • Unsharp Masking
  • Noise removing

File operation tools

  • Input file filtering (filename / type)
  • File operations (copy/move/delete) for original and processed files
  • File operations for input and output folders
  • Pre/post-processing command for 3rd party scripts and tools