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Create Automata Pro workflow

What is Automata Pro photo workflow

Automata Pro uses hot-folder workflows to automate photo editing. Each Automata workflow has an input and output folder. Multiple workflows can use same input and output folders. Every Automata workflow is own process, and workflows run simultaneously in the background. You can manage (start/stop/edit/delete/copy) Automata workflows with workflow manager. You can create and modify workflow settings with Automata’s workflow editor tool.

When you start Automata Pro, Photo Workflow Management window is visible. You can create a new workflow by clicking CREATE NEW WORKFLOW button.


Input and output folder for hot-folder processing

For each Automata workflow, you need to have input and output folders. Automata Pro checks new and updated files from input folder, then process them and finally saves edited photos to the output folder. Automata Pro can also process entire sub-folder structure from the input folder. Multiple Automata Pro workflows can use same input or output folders.


If you want to save processing details to log files, you need to have a folder to save log files. Multiple workflows can save log files to the same folder. Each workflow creates own sub-folder for log files.

How to create Automata Pro photo editing workflow

1. Start Automata Pro

  1. Click CREATE NEW WORKFLOW button. Automata starts workflow editor tool

  2. Set name for your workflow [WORKFLOW SETTINGS -> NAME]

  3. Select input folder [INPUT: FILES TO PROCESS -> INPUT FOLDER]

  4. Add photo editing tools and adjustments for the workflow [PHOTO EDITING TOOLS]


  6. Select output format and settings. [OUTPUT FORMAT]

  7. Save workflow by clicking SAVE AND EXIT button

  8. Start workflow by clicking START button