Batch Edit Images Inside PDFs with Automata Pro

You can edit PDFs containing raster images using Automata. The software supports all photo editing and color management tools for PDFs. Additionally, you have the option to specify which image formats to process, such as JPEG, TIFF, or BMP bitmaps, as well as the choice to include or exclude CMYK images in the processing.

Edit photos inside PDFs

Automata performs the following steps to process and edit raster images within a PDF file:

1. Automata check the input folder and reads the PDF file.
2. It extracts all raster images embedded within the PDF.
3. The raster images are processed using the configured workflow tools and settings.
4. Automata replaces the original images inside the PDF with the edited versions.
5. The edited PDF is saved to the output folder.

To edit photos inside PDFs enable Input - PDF processing - Process Images Inside PDF setting for you workflow.

Convert PDFs to raster images

To convert PDF files to raster images enable Input - PDF processing - Convert PDF to raster images  setting for you workflow. You can set DPI resolution for converted images.

Color management inside PDFs

Add Convert to Profile tool to your workflow and select suitable color profile.

Enable Input - PDF processing - Process Images Inside PDF setting for you workflow.

Edit only RGB image files

You can select image formats and types which are processed from 
Input - PDF processing - Process Images Inside PDF settings.

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