Batch Color Management With Automata Pro

Automata Pro's "Convert to Profile" tool enables seamless batch conversion of images to different color profiles, including CMYK, RGB, and Grayscale.

Batch convert to CMYK

Convert to profile is an Automata Pro function that allows users to adjust an image's color profile. A color profile is a set of instructions that describes how colors should appear in a picture. You may ensure that their photographs display correctly on different devices or in different color spaces by altering the color profile.

Add Convert to Profile tool to your workflow and select suitable CMYK profile.

Batch convert to sRGB

You can use the color CONVERT TO PROFILE tool to select an ICC-profile, which defines the destination color space (RGB, CMYK, grayscale). You can also specify the rendering intent technique and whether or not to use black point compensation. The ICC-profile is embedded in the saved photo by Automata Pro.

Add Convert to Profile tool to your workflow and select sRGB profile.

Dot gain adjustments

You can make dot gain adjustments with convert to profile tool.

Add Convert to Profile tool to your workflow and select Gray scale ICC profile.

Batch convert to multiple color profiles

1. Create an input folder: Set up a single folder to store the images you want to process.

2. Create three output folders: Designate separate folders for each color profile output (RGB, CMYK, and Grayscale).

3. Set up three workflows: In each workflow, add the "Convert to Profile" tool to facilitate the color profile conversion.

4. Configure input settings: For all three workflows, select the same input folder containing the images to be processed.

5. Configure output settings: Assign a different output folder for each workflow, corresponding to the respective color profile (RGB, CMYK, or Grayscale).

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