Layer-Based Color Grading, Selective Adjustments, and Black & White

Automata's powerful image editing tools offer layer-based color grading, allowing you to create and apply custom presets for a professional look. Its selective color adjustments enable precise hue, saturation, and lightness control for specific colors, while the black & white conversion tool effortlessly transforms photos while retaining their quality.

Color grading

Automata's automatic color grading is a powerful tool that can totally alter the tone of an image. With a layer-based system, you may create your own color grading presets and have them applied to photographs automatically.

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Adjust photo feeling

It's simple and quick to produce results that appear like they were done by a professional with Automata's automatic color grading tool, without having to spend hours manually correcting each image. You have complete control over color grading adjustments with its layer-based method. With a few clicks, you can fine-tune the settings for each layer or modify the overall intensity of color grading, giving you the freedom to develop bespoke processes that meet your individual image processing needs.

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Selective color adjustments

The selective color adjustments tool allows you to change the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness values of selected colors. Specific settings for skin tones, blues, and greens are available. The color is chosen using the fuzziness value. The intensity setting controls how color values are combined in the selected area. Following the color grading tool, selective color modifications settings are made to the produced photo.

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Black & White conversion

Automata can convert modified photos to black and white images. Automata's final processing step is black and white conversion. When converting photographs to black and white, they retain their RGB (8 bit/channel) format. Let's say you wish to save a transformed image as an 8bit image. You must use the Convert to profile tool and an appropriate grayscale ICC-profile.

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