Batch Color Correction With Automata Pro

Automata's automatic color correction tool provides a comprehensive solution for improving photo quality. It efficiently corrects white balance, removes color cast, adjusts tint and color temperature, and enhances exposure and contras

Batch White Balance Correction

Automata's sophisticated color correction tool automatically resolves white balance issues in your photos. By eliminating color casts and fine-tuning natural color temperatures, the processed images exhibit enhanced visual quality and accuracy.

Add Automatic Color Correction Tool to your workflow.

Batch Tint Adjustment for Photos

Automata's advanced color correction tool fine-tunes the tint and color temperature in your edited images, achieving a more natural and visually appealing appearance.

Add Automatic Color Correction Tool to your workflow.

Batch Tone Improvements

Automata's innovative color correction tool optimizes exposure and contrast settings in edited photos. The automatic correction intelligently identifies dark and light colors, resulting in superior tonal enhancements for a more refined visual experience.

Add Automatic Color Correction Tool to your workflow.

Batch Shadow and Highlight Enhancement

Utilizing Automata's "Rich Dynamics Enhancer," the automatic color correction tools expertly amplify shadows and highlights in processed images, delivering a more striking and balanced visual outcome.

Add Automatic Color Correction Tool to your workflow.

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Automata Pro

For your Windows Workstations

Streamline and accelerate your photo editing workflows with AI and hot folder automation in Automata Pro.

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Automata Server

For your Windows servers

SoftColor Server is a robust software solution that simplifies and automates photo editing workflows.

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