With the Power of Automation, Transform Your Photo Editing

Automate your photo editing tasks with SoftColor Software. Before after sample photos.

Upgrade your color correction and photo editing workflows with SoftColor Software's advanced automation tools.

Our user-friendly software makes it easy to automate color and tone correction, exposure and contrast adjustments, white balance correction, RGB, CMYK, and Gray color management, and file logistics quickly and efficiently.

With SoftColor Software, you can say goodbye to laborious manual editing and hello to professional-grade results in a fraction of the time. Maximize your photo editing capabilities with SoftColor Software's automation tools.

Meet SoftColor Software's Family of Powerful Automation Tools

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Version 10.10.2305

PhotoEQ is the best way to color correct and enhance your photos in seconds.

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    Automata Pro

    Version 1.18.2304

    Streamline and accelerate your photo editing workflows with AI and hot folder automation in Automata Pro.

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      Automata Server

      Version 10.20.2304

      SoftColor Server is a robust software solution that simplifies and automates photo editing workflows.

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        You can try our powerful automation tools with a fully functional free trial versions. Download now and discover how our advanced photo editing workflows can transform your photos in under five minutes.

        Our applications only take a minute to download and a few clicks to install. You don't even have to give us your email address.

        10 reasons why you'll enjoy SoftColor Software

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        Software updates

        Sep 26 2023
        PhotoEQ version 10.10.2305

        Sep 26 2023
        Automata Server version 10.20.2304

        Sep 26 2023
        Automata Pro version 1.18.2304