Automate your photo editing tasks and workflows

What do you want to automate today?

  • Color and tone correction
  • White balance correction
  • Clarity photos
  • Fix exposure and contrast problems
  • Color management (RGB, CMYK, Gray)
  • File logistics

SoftColor Software can do that for you

How it works?

Meet the SoftColor Software family


Version 10.8.4

PhotoEQ is a professional photo editing software for color correction, image editing, and color management tasks automation. 

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    Automata Pro

    Version 1.16.0

    Automata Pro is a professional automated batch photo editor. Photo editing automation works via hot-folder workflows. 

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      Automata Server

      Version 10.18.0

      Server software for hot-folder based photo editing workflow automation. Automatic professional quality enhancements for color, exposure and contrast.

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        Latest news

        Jun 13 2022
        Video lecture "Software engineering photonics and color science."  Our CTO Petri Piirainen's visiting lecture at the University of Eastern Finland.
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        May 05 2022
        Blog moved to
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        Mar 14 2022
        New documentation to Automata Pro, Automata Server and PhotoEQ.
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        Software updates

        Mar 16 2022
        PhotoEQ version 10.8.4

        Feb 17 2022
        Automata Pro version 1.16

        Dec 02 2022
        Automata Server version 10.18

        Why SoftColor Software?

        10 reasons why you’ll enjoy SoftColor Software

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