Lightweight batch-processing and server software for advanced color correction, image processing and color management, with command-line tools. Learn more
Watch Toolbox 2 in Action Video
Watch Toolbox 2
in Action video

Color Correction

Our color correction engine can fix automatically color balance, exposure and contrast problems from images. There are configurations for you to tune all color correction adjustments as you want. Learn more

Image Processing

Automate all your resizing, cropping, rotating and sharpening image processing tasks with SoftColor Toolbox. You can use image processing with color correction or as separate process. Learn more

Color Management

SoftColor Toolbox includes support for standard ICC profile based color management. You can convert and render for example between RGB and CMYK color spaces and deal with many other color spaces. Learn more

Command Line Tools

Toolbox is an easy to use tool with simple command line interface.It uses simple INI-file format for configuration files. Toolbox also includes handy server tools for background directory processing. Learn more

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