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Smart and Automatic Application for Photo Enhancement, Editing and Color Management

Get Your Daily Photo Editing Tasks Done Easily in 3 Steps

1. Drag and Drop Image
Files or Folders

With PhotoEQ you can work with almost any digital image or RAW-formats.

Just drag and drop your image files and folders to PhotoEQ and you are ready to start working. PhotoEQ’s to-do queue helps you to organize photo workflow for single image files or one click batch processing.

2. Enhance Automatically or Fine Tune Manually

Smart photo fixing adjustments and tools gives you professional results automatically.

The most time saving feature is our intelligent color correction which fixes white balance and exposure problems in single step. You have also a full control for all automatic tools to fine tune as you want.

3. Just Click Save or Batch Process All Images

With PhotoEQ’s streamlined user interface you can easily save images to multiple formats with one click.

You can configure your photo workflows output folder and format with couple mouse clicks without any hassle. PhotoEQ has also all standard color management tools built-in.

Photo Editing with Extremely Easy to Use Interface

To-Do Queue

You can open and process a single image file or add multiple image files and folders to PhotoEQ’s to-do queue to wait for processing. You can lock current adjustments. Locked adjustments are automatically applied to new images.

Photo Editing Tools

You can do multple image processing adjustments with PhotoEQ. Color correction with white balance, exposure and contrast fixing. And use automatic image editing and enhancement tools.

Color Management

With Convert to ICC Profile tool you can select icc-profile which defines target color space for saved images. You can also set rendering intent black point compensation settings.

Batch Process and Save

You can batch process and save all images from to-do queue with single click. PhotoEQ can save processed files to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD formats. PSD files are saved with original and edited images as layers.

Automatic and Time Saving Photo Editing Tools Inside

Intelligent Automatic Color Correction

Our intelligent color correction solution fixes white balance, exposure and contrast problems automatically. With automation you also have a full control to fine tune color correction adjustments as you want.
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Professional Color Management Tools

PhotoEQ has support for standard ICC profile based color management and it manages embedded ICC profiles. With PhotoEQ you can convert and render between color spaces like from RGB to CMYK.
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Smart Image Editing Tools & Filters

Image editing operatons are non-destructive. Image editing tools can be used together with color correction or separately. PhotoEQ has also professional tools like un-sharp masking.
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Work with Digital Images and RAW

PhotoEQ reads multiple digital image and camera RAW-formats. PhotoEQ saves processed images to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP and PSD formats. PSD files are saved with multiple layers.
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Photo Workflow with ToDo Queue

PhotoEQ’s to-do queue feature helps you to boost your photo editing workflow with multiple images. You can lock certain adjustments for all to-do queue images or batch process all images automatically.
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Batch Process and Save To-Do Queue

You can batch process and save all images from to-do queue with single mouse click. You can use automatic settings or adjust image editing tools manually. Color management tools are available for batch processing.
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PhotoEQ requires any PC (32 / 64 bit) running
Windows XP or later Microsoft Windows version.